Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back for Donna Hay

When I took a break after the death of our daughter, I made a very good decision which was not to blog until May.  In that way, I did not go through the conflict of should I blog today or should I wait longer.  Since today, our Donna Hay group shares, I thought it would be a good and happy starting place.

I must admit, I had no desire to blog during this entire time.  I could not connect to food in the same way, I used to do.  I made meals and for the longest time, I took no photos.  For those of you who know, a meal does not start without a camera handy, you understand how alien that should have been.  It wasn't.  I started leaving the camera on a shelf in the kitchen, hoping I would take some pictures and slowly I would remember and take a shot.  Now, I have a bunch of pictures and I am not sure what the recipes are that should match them.

The loss of anyone has a strong impact on a family but the loss of a child is bewildering.  There is no way to understand it or to put one's feelings in a back pocket.  We did learn a lot more about our daughter and it was awe inspiring.  She quietly and privately helped many people and some came to tell us about this.  Only her husband knew some of the stories but parents and her children didn't.  She simply reached out and helped as many people as possible in as many ways as she could find.

We also have our precious memories and delightful stories.  Our daughter had a quick wit and even with out loss, we could laugh at some of the tales, the entire family shared.  We sat together, her parents, her siblings, her very special husband and her outstanding children (if I say so myself).

I talked about writing an article about her and had so many beginnings that would be effective yet I could not start writing.  I think, I have to wait until I am inspired and just jump in.  In the meanwhile, I may drop in some moments in my future blogs.

I will share that my daughter was an amazing cook and baker.  She had her own catering business for a while which was a great success.  I am going to remake some of her recipes and share them with you.  They were not difficult but they were delicious. My gut feeling is that her instincts guided her because her cookies and cakes were always better than mine even though I used her recipes.

Thank you for your kind words, your prayers and your caring.  They came at a time, I so needed them.

Let's take a look at Donna Hay, for this week.  We made an Asian mushroom omelet.  The recipe can be found online so please check it out.  It was chosen by Margaret and I thank her for such a good choice.

This omelet was half cooked in the pan and half in the oven and yet it only took a few minutes to complete.  I did not have a red chili so I used a little red pepper which spiced the eggs nicely.  I am not sure I tasted the ginger.  If so, it was subtle.  Other than eggs, shitake mushrooms and scallions, there was little to add to this dish and yet the finished product was tasty and yummy.

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